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Therapy We Offer

Children referred to us will often have experienced early traumatic separations and losses, neglect, abuse, instability or unpredictability. They will have formed a view of the world that makes it hard for them to trust and build relationships with adults. Often their lives have been characterised by attachment difficulties, multiple placement or permanency breakdown, entrenched behaviours and developmental trauma.

Since opening in 2007 Clover Childcare Services has maintained an extremely high percentage of placement stability in each of our Homes. We offer medium to long term placements for young people: 

  • With emotional and behavioural difficulties.
  • With complex health and social care needs.
  • With a history of insecure attachments and challenging behaviour.
  • Who have experienced break down of numerous placements in foster care or children’s homes.
  • Who are in need of a core assessment.

Wherever possible young people will be accommodated in a planned manner though 

same day placements can be accommodated and will be considered dependent upon the needs of the young person being referred and the stability and needs of the resident group. Where an emergency placement is needed we will ask for:

  • Receipt of as much information about the young person as is possible at the time of placement
  • Agreement from all parties that the young person is suitable for accommodation in the service
  • Agreement from all parties that the home identified is able to meet the identified needs of the young person.
  • A short-term plan being in place with an agreed review date

Our expert led therapeutic care is supported by Dr Lesley Ashby, Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and Dr Ben-Gurney Smith, Chartered Clinical Psychologist. Dr Ashby works with the staff teams to identify any attachment, psychiatric or developmental issues indicated in the child’s presentation. Reflecting on that presentation, together we assess and devise a framework for effective, therapeutic interventions that will assist with the process of change. Dr Gurney–Smith delivers training to the whole staff group on Facilitating Attachment Based Practice as well as offering Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy for children who have been assessed as ready to benefit from it.

Our residential experience has taught us how to contain the anxiety and distress that young people exhibit at the point of family or placement breakdown. We help them to feel safe and emotionally contained through clear, consistent boundaries and predictable nurturing routines. This stabilising process helps young people to build trust with us allowing them to explore their world safely. Within these nurturing routines we offer a balance of activities and primary play opportunities in a serene rural environment between the Norfolk Broads and the coast.