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Dr Ashby

Clover Lodge provides a therapeutic milieu in which children can receive “therapeutic re-parenting” from well trained and supported staff. The therapeutic care provided is consultant-led, using the theoretical basis of Attachment Theory.  We meet as a staff group in each home on regular basis with our Consultant Child Psychiatrist to review the presentation of the children we look after. Using attachment theory, we analyse each child’s attachment behaviours and styles and formulate our practice responses.  In this manner, we are able, as a group, to think very similarly about the delivery of our therapeutic care, as well as have a shared understanding about our young people.


This model of consultant led care follows the model of therapist led care found in Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP), a term first used by American Clinical Psychologist Dan Hughes to describe the style of therapeutic intervention between therapist, carer and child in placement. Successful clinical studies of Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy have established this style of intervention in the United Kingdom, and it is now widely taught as a programme by organisations such as Family Futures. Our Consultant Child Psychiatrist, Dr Lesley Ashby, is trained in DDP at levels 1 and 2. 

Dr Lesley Ashby: Consultant Child Psychiatrist. 


GMC Registration number: 2711142: 

Royal College of Psychiatrist membership: 6001. 

CPD record for Royal College Psychiatrists valid until May 2016


1992-2012- Consultant Child Psychiatrist in the City Community Team at Bethel Child & Family Centre, Norwich.

2008-2012- 4 years’ experience as Consultant Child Psychiatrist with the Primary Care Trust LAAC Team 

1992-2012 –Consultations on attachment presentation to AFFU